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1-Time Game License

Product Options: (Volume Discounts available) Purchase a license for your self-hosted Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game. The free "download demo game" provides advertising revenues for game developers, but is turned off during active game licensure. Game licenses have the following options:

  1. ) White Label - your logo insertion;
  2. ) Anti-theft options freely included and preserves you affiliate revenue generation;
  3. ) Protects your website with FREE Product updates during active subscriptions, and
  4. ) Turns OFF annoying pre-game ads while generating a revenue stream to you!
  • 1-time Game license purchase provides the best option for both the game developer, gamers and web site owners. This permits website publishers continued revenue and gives web site managers single capital investments for popular games while reducing the annoying wait-time pre-game advertisements for your game players.
  • FREE Reseller option: revenue sharing as a Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game Affiliate. (opt-in and opt-out)
  • FREE Crowd Funding option: generate revenues to pay for annual subscriptions as a Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game Affiliate. Read about how to do this in our Free Affiliate Guide! (opt-in and opt-out)

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