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Game Source Code

Purchase game source code in various formats: html5 & JavaScript/JQuery, flash AS2 or 3, Java or Unity 3D from Stephen Gose Game Studios or from our affiliated authors` network. Source code licenses are available in several affordable options. Visit our catalog, and simply click the check-box to include product source code. Download options include: immediate download and shipped CD-ROM/DVD.

ForEx Source Code

Foreign Exchange source code is available in either MT4 or MT5

  • All licenses are perpetual - they do not expire.
  • Extent - the extent of the software license, in terms of how many websites / servers, applications or projects it can be used for.
  • Distribution permissions are covered - a license can either be:
  1. ) hosted only (no code distribution),
  2. ) allow distribution in binary form only (applications) or,
  3. ) allow distribution of both code and binaries. If you are the license holder and are building for a 3rd party (your client), you need to be able to distribute the code (typically we call this a developer or distributor license).

Commercial use is either allowed:

  1. ) royalty free,
  2. ) under specific conditions or,
  3. ) not allowed at all.
  • Source-code modifications (derivative works) - if you intend to perform changes on the source-code, make sure that the license allows it. The license can optionally allow you to resell those modifications as part of a larger work (redistribute derivative works). Note that this last option is only available for distributor licenses (covered above).
  • Support - Included support will be mentioned if provided. Note that the developer may still choose to provide support for issues even if he is not legally bound to do so.
  • Attribution - If the developer requires attribution whenever the component is used, it will be detailed here.



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