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News Update - Merger with MBG Networks

Latest Activities: The merger of MBG network and Stephen Gose LLC in now underway. This is a beneficial merger of two prominent indie game developers. We welcome the inclusion of MBG into our Gaming Development Network. MBG ( is a young site founded August 2014. It is run by a brilliant developer with some very insight

Merger of Tweaks Games

Latest Activities: Merger of Tweaks Games network and Stephen Gose LLC.  This is a beneficial merger of two prominent indie game developers. We welcome the inclusion of Tweaks Games into our Gaming Development

How do people learn from online content?

Small manageable chunks, granular as some would call these learning objects. For the professional adult learner, new information must be associated with prior knowledge. Ingesting knowledge is similar to eat a large meal. Just as one's digestive systems starts in the mouth, so the intake of new information must come is small bites. Study after

Research on Fibonacci Retracement

Over the past year, I have studied the fibonacci retracements and Elliot's Wave theory.  This all happened while I was instructing radio waves and antenna propagation.  I developed an interesting corollary to the two proven methods in Foreign Exchange.  Very soon, I am releasing my study — and to my amazement, the winner of

R.I.P. Mochi Media

I would not have been able to create online games without the help of the wonderful people at Mochi Media. They have raise me up from an aspiring game developer to where I am today.  Research my games from 2001, you will see the growth from a new actionscript 1 then 2 programmer to an as3.  I have produced online education for the past

Expert Advisors

Foreign Exchange is a tricky adventure if you're first starting. I have profitably made positive cash flow from several Expert Advisor script in my  MT4 terminal. Other ForEx EA we use and recommend: WallStreet Robot is the expert Advisor we use on a daily basis. Read More! MegaDroid Million Dollar Pips Fap Turbo Expert

History of Web Games

Early online gaming Dialup bulletin board systems (BBS) were popular in the 1980s, and many were used for online game playing. The earliest BBS, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, had a simply text-based interface menu, but later systems made use of terminal-control codes (the so-called ANSI art, which included the use of IBM-PC-specific

License Vocabulary

Legalese terms of service can certainly make your head spin. That’s why we created our simple guide to vocabulary definitions. All the "can do's and can't do's" are explained elsewhere. Regular License A Regular License grants you (the buyer) a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to use my products.  How you use my product is subject

Understanding EULA

End User License Agreement It is usually to your advantage to license copies of your software rather than to sell copies. United States copyright law allows the owners of the physical objects that contain copyrighted material, for example, books, compact discs, or floppy disks or CD-ROMs containing computer programs, to resell the physical objects

BitCoins used

The 7th largest casual game developer – Big Fish Games – announced today it partnership with the BitCoin provider Coinbase. You can now spend BitCoin on thousands of MAC, Windows PC and Android download games and applications. You may alternately choose to use BitCoin inside BigFish Casino, Room of Memory or Bush Wacker II. BitCoin are



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