Licenses Guide

All the “can and can't Do, shouldn't Do” and “please don't Do” in a nut-shell.

As you'll discover, it's very simple. The ONLY thing I forbid, is reselling of my products 'as you purchased them' … since that's my work and copyright creation and we could avoid all the ruckus by simply using an affiliate license! Besides, an Affiliate License permits you a share of all revenues you generate. It's a win: win situation!

My unique brainstorm was to create products from which people could easily convert – provide their own themes – without having to pay mega-zillion of cash to have them created. Now if you should make mega-zillions with just one of my products, GREAT!!! Remember me in your rise to fame, fortune, and your “final will and testament” ;).

Licensing Types

We only have several licenses at Stephen Gose LLC and associated Studios:

  • Demo - A Demo license is intended for your use and distribution within your marketing channels. It is a full-featured set release with internal ads and external links pointing to my network of products and services.
  • Regular - A Regular license -- either by subscription or 1-time fee -- provides the best option for both the game developer, game enthusiasts, and website owners.  This license permits website publishers continued revenue and give web site managers single capital investments for popular games while reducing the annoying wait-time pre-game advertisements for your game players. Both game license options permit:
    1. ) White Label - your logo insertion and internal links pointing into your web site;
    2. ) Keep your Customers on your website;
    3. ) Anti-theft options freely included and preserves you affiliate revenue generation;
    4. ) Protects your website with FREE Product updates for the first year, and
    5. ) Turns OFF annoying pre-game ads!
  • Full - A Full license is intended for my customers who want to re-sell their work enhancements derived and by-products from my product, to the public or multiple clients.
    + You can re-sell the game multiple times.
    What is out-of-scope for a Full license?
    - You must not sell my product 'as is'… you must contribution or derive substantial work around my product to create your by-product.
  • Affiliate - An Affiliate license is intended for my sales agents who want to re-sell my products to the public or multiple clients. In compensation for your marketing efforts, you receive a percentage of the recommended sales price.

Review our Licensing Vocabulary.



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