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How we got here and the path we took...

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PBMCube's name comes from the phrase "Play By Mail, Play By eMail and Play By Modem (PBM-cube or PBM³). Initially, PBMCube was a play-by-mail and play-by-eMail game developer during the late 1980s to mid-90s. Two popular games developed by PBMCube were "Private Sector™" (the first business simulation of its time; used by Central Texas Community College business management studies) and "Ruins of Able-Wyvern™" -- a fantasy role-playing game for the BBS community during 1992-1997. Ruins of Able-Wyvern™ became a popular pre-Web game; it was deployed by 600+ bulletin boards in 14 months with a following of roughly 200,000+ players.

By 1994, PBMCube had 12 games under development for the BBS community; then the "WWW" hit! "Soldier's Test™" and "Rulers of Renown™" were released for the collapsing BBS community. MegaComm.net shifted its game development toward the online web community in 1997 but was bought by Treesahran Industries Games (TIG) in 1999. TIG piloted the launch of "Legends of Renowned Deeds™ (LoRD)" -- a fantasy role-playing game which was beta previously released by PBMCube in 1992. TIG was later acquired by Stephen Gose Games LLC in 2002.

To date, PBMCube is a service mark of Stephen Gose LLC and a publishing arm of this private game development corporation. PBMCube publishes games from multiple independent game developers and prides itself on the release of new and unique game designs for the online community.



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